Real Estate

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O’Keefe Law Firm, Ltd. has your best interests in mind concerning your real estate transactions; our attention to detail and negotiation skills save you time and money.  Countless times after closing, homeowners are surprised by a large tax bill.  We put our extensive knowledge of property tax to work by confirming that your tax prorations are correct, and that you receive adequate credit at closing for your tax bill.  If the tax assessment has increased, we ensure that you are protected at closing regarding the new assessment.

We guide our clients through the purchasing process from beginning to end.  The process includes preparing a net sheet, reviewing title to make sure there are no issues with chain of title or possible liens. When you receive an offer on your property, we review the contract, negotiate with the Buyer regarding changes on the contract, handle any inspection issues, order/review the survey, prepare closing documents, prepare the closing statement, ensure that your Buyer’s lender is on track for closing, coordinate with all parties to schedule the closing, and attend the closing with a final review of all documents.

When you finally find the home of your dreams, we review the contract, negotiate an inspections issues, analyze the tax record to ensure that if tax assessments have increased, that you receive the appropriate amount of tax credits, review any tax exemptions, review the title commitment, review the survey, keep your lender is on track for closing, coordinate the closing, attend the closing with a thorough review and explanation of closing documents.

We care for each client like family, ensuring the real estate transaction is completed in your best interests.

Foreclosure Defense:
We have extensive experience in the field of Foreclosure Defense. Please contact us as soon as you are delinquent on your mortgage to determine all your options. Do not rely on your mortgage company to give you all of your options or facts. We have been able to save many properties from foreclosure, or provide further alternatives to prepare for the next step. Contact us to discuss your options so that you do not fall victim to a bully lender or a fraud scam.

Short Sales and Deed in Lieu:
Contact our office before you put your home on the market for a short sale or subject yourself to a deed in lieu. Know your rights and options.